Dilapidations: The Fundamentals

199.00 GBP

15.0 Hours Formal CPD

Gain core knowledge of the roles, responsibilities and practice of being a dilapidations professional, and make moves to further your career into more specialist building surveying areas.

Learning outcomes

  • Explain a client’s relevant legal obligations
  • Analyse the likely implications of loss and change in value
  • Appraise the content and form of schedules
  • Evaluate settlement options
  • Examine disputes during the lease term
  • Explain the implications of break clauses
  • Describe the relevant processes and procedures to clients

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    Course Overview

    There are a number of things to consider when dealing with a dilapidations claim made by a landlord at or near the end of the lease term, whether a surveyor is employed in a dispute as an advisor, expert witness or dispute solver.  

    Give yourself a head start towards working in dilapidations by taking our course on the fundamentals of Dilapidations, including dealing with the law and complex issues, as well as managing conflict resolution. There is detailed content on leases, landlord & tenant, specific obligation, repair and condition changes, additions, improvements, alterations and yielding up, professional statement, dilapidations protocol, disputes arising during lease terms, claims against landlords and break options.

    The course builds on your professional experience and helps you to:

    • Gain the working knowledge of Dilapidations
    • Progress your career into more complex areas
    • Add new skills related to a key area of BS practice
    • Increase your career prospects and earning potential

    You will gain core knowledge of dilapidations and the applicable skills for you to gain the practical experience required to become fluent in the practice.

    Who is this course for?

    Post APC or similar Building surveying members and non-members working in professional practice who want knowledge in dilapidations to provide an opportunity for career advancement.

    Other professionals who need detailed knowledge of dilapidations including: asset managers, valuers, mechanical engineers, facilities managers.

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    Additional information

    Enrollment duration: 30 Days

    Languages: English

    Category: Construction

    Price: 199.00 GBP

    Member price: 159.00 GBP

    Course Type: Distance Learning