Certificate in Facilities Management

1139.00 GBP

72.0 Hours Formal CPD

Develop the technical capability as well as deepen the knowledge in line with the RICS Facilities Management competency framework.

Learning outcomes

  • Demonstrate understanding and practical application of the aims, objectives, strategies and processes for identifying and managing assets
  • Demonstrate the practical application of the principles and practice of client care in Facilities Management
  • Apply implementation of the appropriate procurement routes for the projects and to carrying out tendering and negotiation processes relevant to them
  • Evaluate the use of the various standard forms of contract at project level, including the implications and obligations that apply to the parties to the contract
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    Course information

    Facilities Management is the total management of all services that support the core business of an organization.


    Good Facilities Management makes a huge difference to the efficiency and productivity of a company, its staff and its clients. Using best business practice, a company’s operating costs can be reduced while its productivity is increased. It is the discipline that ensures all the different buildings and services of a company work as efficiently as possible


    The Certificate in Facilities Management course will equip you with a range of asset and built environment knowledge and skills, to recognize the factors that influence property, and its performance. You will be able to apply techniques to improve workplace productivity, sustainability, communication and the overall competitive strategy of an organization.


    The course will last 7 months and will use a combination of online learning tools and case studies to support the learning and will be extremely valuable to those looking to gain full MRICS membership or to gain fundamental skills required to work in the Facilities Management sector.

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