Creating your website

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An effective website is the master tool for communicating with your customers and encouraging revenue and brand loyalty. Learn how to manage this vital tool.

Learning outcomes

  • Make the best choices, with respect to content as well as presentation, during the design phase of your site
  • Create an effective web charter
  • Identify the technical solutions that meet both your needs and your limitations
  • Use appropriate marketing to make your website visible
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    Course information

    Course description

    It is almost a prerequisite for successful businesses to now have a website, one that meets with a viewer’s expectations of quality and content. This course will show you how to master the key principles and concepts to manage a website creation project.

    Target audience

    • All professionals wishing to learn about website creation.

    Course content

    This e-learning course contains the following:

    1. Managing your website creation project effectively
    2. Designing and illustrating your website
    3. Publishing your site on the internet

    Additional information

    Languages: English French Spanish

    Category: Business Management - Fundamentals

    Price: 15.00 GBP

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    Course Type: E-Learning