Writing a successful newsletter

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This short eLearning course will ensure your newsletter emails stand out and adhere to best practice to avoid being a nuisance.

Learning outcomes

  • Define the regularity and headings of your newsletter according to your objectives
  • Understand the legal regulations that apply to your distribution list
  • Identify and use the criteria to encourage recipients to open your newsletter and to facilitate quick reading
  • Select an appropriate distribution method
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    Course information

    Course description

    Newsletters involve specific editorial and graphic rules, as well as technical and legal constraints. Being able to master these will help your emails stand out and avoid being swiftly deleted.

    This course demonstrates the step-by-step process for designing and implementing an effective newsletter.

    Target audience

    • All professionals wishing to implement a newsletter.

    Course content

    This e-learning course contains the following:

    1. Defining your project: the objectives of a newsletter
    2. Identifying and using the criteria to encourage recipients to open your newsletter
    3. Using the rules to facilitate quick reading
    4. Optimising your choice of newsletter distribution methods

    Additional information

    Enrollment duration: 90 Days

    Languages: English French Spanish

    Category: Business Management - Fundamentals

    Price: 15.00 GBP

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    Course Type: E-Learning