Relating your contribution to value creation

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Learn to identify the value creation process and your own role and contribution to value creation in this short e-Learning course.

Learning outcomes

  • Improve your company’s economic performance through the five principles of value creation
  • Undertake actions that create value by anticipating their impact on the value creation tree
  • Engage in more effective dialogue with internal and external finance providers by knowing the cash flow statement and understanding the importance of Free Cash Flow
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    Course information

    Course description

    Financing a company is core to its existence – income must be greater than the cost of financing, and by being so creates value and drives growth.

    This course will help you to identify your role in value creation and financial flows through the value creation tree and recognise your key drivers for generating value.

    Target audience

    • All company employees.

    Course content

    This e-learning course contains the following:

    1. Understanding the five fundamentals of value creation
    2. Positioning your role and contribution on the value creation tree
    3. Understanding the cash flow statement and the importance of Free Cash Flow
    4. Positioning your role in the cash flow management process

    Additional information

    Enrollment duration: 90 Days

    Languages: Arabic English French German Portuguese Spanish

    Category: Business Management - Fundamentals

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