Professional Ethics for RICS Members

29.00 GBP

3.0 Hours Formal CPD

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This e-learning course has been designed to teach and test your knowledge and understanding of the RICS ethical standards and help you maintain your professional conduct within the surveying industry.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the importance of ethics to RICS
  • Know the five global professional and ethical standards that RICS members observe
  • Understand how the standards relate to the regulatory framework of RICS
  • Review and reflect on your learning from this short course
  • Complete the RICS Ethics e-learning test
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    Course information

    Course Benefits

    One of the characteristics that distinguish an RICS member is the absolute commitment to our ethical behaviour. This course will explore the topics through interactive learning modules and case studies.

    Who is this course for?

    This course is aimed at anyone studying for RICS professional membership across all routes and pathways. By becoming a member of the RICS you will, in addition to demonstrating your professional knowledge and skills have to show your understanding of and commitment to RICS professional and ethical standards.

    Course Content

    This e-learning course has been split into three modules covering the following topics:

    Module 1

    • RICS ethical standards
    • Five global ethical standards that you will be expected to uphold
    • Regulatory standards framework

    Module 2

    • Will review your theoretical knowledge of the RICS ethics using case studies

    Module 3

    • Will review your understanding of our ethical standards and test your knowledge to ensure these standards are upheld.

    Additional information

    Enrollment duration: 60 Days

    Languages: English

    This course is fully iPad accessible

    Category: Getting Qualified

    Price: 29.00 GBP

    Member price: 29.00 GBP

    Course Type: E-Learning

    Important note for candidates applying for RICS membership

    This course is included as part of the process of applying for membership. The course should be listed on your profile on the homepage of the academy

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