Innovation - a goal for all

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Innovation projects are commonly linked to the organisation’s goals, objectives and business plan thus innovation should be part of every professional’s goals. To develop and launch a successful innovation requires the collective input and participation of various team members within the organisation. How do you encourage others to fully participate in the innovation process? What are the impacts of innovation to departments within your company?

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the collective nature of all types of innovation processes
  • Exploit full participation in the emergence and selection of ideas
  • Find development routes for innovative projects
  • Organise a collective decision to launch an innovation
  • Create internal and external openness within the company to encourage innovation
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    Course information

    Who is this course for?

    All professionals involved in developing and managing innovation within the company or organisation.

    Course Content

    This interactive e-learning covers the following topics

    •    Identifying the impacts of an innovation on all departments within a company or organisation
    •    Incorporating the importance of idea management into the innovation process
    •    Measuring the complexity of the development process which involves various teams
    •    Deciding to launch an innovation in the correct manner
    •    Opening up the organisation to external input and organising internal networks to give innovation the best chance to develop

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