Personal impact and charisma in leaders

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A great leader leaves an impression. This short eLearning course will showcase some of the best methods for making the most of your personal charm, impacting on other people and asserting your authority.

Learning outcomes

  • Demonstrate your charisma when working with others, in interviews, meetings, conferences etc.
  • Inspire enthusiasm in your staff
  • Feel comfortable about asserting your authority and enable managers and project managers to assert theirs
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    Course information

    Course description

    Being a charismatic, impactful leader offers inspiration to those who work with or for you, while also enabling you to affect change within an organisation, not through the sheer imposition of your will, but instead with a collaborative spirit and their consent. During this course you will discover the secrets of successful real leaders and learn how to mobilise your team’s energy to face your organisation’s long-term challenges.

    Target audience

    • Management executives, BU directors, directors of subsidiaries, etc.

    Course content

    This e-learning course contains the following:

    1. Developing your personal impact and charisma
    2. Inspire enthusiasm in your staff so that they feel even more committed to serving customers and users
    3. Asserting your authority and enabling others to assert theirs

    Additional information

    Enrollment duration: 90 Days

    Languages: Chinese Czech English French Hungarian Italian Portuguese Spanish

    Category: Leadership - Fundamentals

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    Course Type: E-Learning