Securing managerial support for leadership

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Encouraging managers of managers and operational managers to adopt leadership attitudes can provide a significant boost to productivity as they will in turn draw out the leadership potential of those around them. Discover how to create the environment that fosters these behaviours.

Learning outcomes

  • Involve your managers and project managers in the leadership process by:
  • explaining to them what is at stake, and their role in the process
  • involve them so that they become a real source of ideas and innovations
  • support them to help them to 'succeed in helping their staff to succeed’
  • making sure that you too are part of the virtuous circle of 'succeeding in helping others to succeed'
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    Course description

    As a leader within a company it is not only important to ensure that your managers adopt leadership attitudes, but also that they in turn encourage others to do so. This encourages individuals towards shared goals, to feel involved and to develop themselves and their own staff in turn. Successfully creating this environment is a challenge for all leaders.

    This course will outline the operational process that you can use to increase collective competence and to create a model for making progress.

    Target audience

    • Management executives.
    • Managers of managers who want their managers to adopt leadership attitudes.

    Course content

    This e-learning course contains the following:

    1. Clarifying the roles of managers in terms of developing leadership
    2. Involving managers by including them
    3. Coaching managers so that they succeed in helping their staff to succeed

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    Enrollment duration: 90 Days

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    Category: Leadership - Fundamentals

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