Effective cross-functional management - Part 1

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The cross-functional manager is a multi-faceted role, it is important to recognise how it fits with your business structure, the global/systemic aspects, and how to engage with stakeholders to increase your influence.

Learning outcomes

  • Consider the specific characteristics of your position in order to carry out your role successfully
  • Clarify your objectives and the characteristics of your transversal role
  • Obtain a global, systemic vision to complete your tasks successfully, no matter how the situation changes
  • Build a networking approach to actors in cross-functional processes to increase your influence
  • Distinguish between your networks of contributing actors and your network of affected actors
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    Course information

    Cross-functional management is essential for businesses that require ongoing coordination to keep operations running smoothly. However the skills required to bring about consistency across functions are not easily defined and it can be challenging for new cross-functional managers to identify the parameters of their role. In addition, managing the delivery of a cross-functional operation will involve inputs from other areas of a business, so the ability to influence these areas through engagement and networking is important.

    This course consists of two modules – the first, using a case study that follows a newly appointed manager, aims to develop your understanding of how the cross-functional manager fits in with an organisation and delve into the specific characteristics of the role.

    The second module will provide you with a structured approach to building your network and influence to help you succeed in your cross-functional objective.

    Target audience

    • All cross-functional, functional or operational managers.

    Course content

    This e-learning course contains the following:

    Module 1:

    1. Distinguishing between cross-functional management and other forms of management
    2. Positioning the cross-functional manager in their own context
    3. Positioning yourself in your role as a cross-functional manager

    Module 2:

    1. Drawing a map of relevant actors
    2. Assessing the resources you require for your transversal role
    3. Developing your influence with a suitable action plan

    Practical fact sheets to help you retain the knowledge you have learned in these modules.


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    Enrollment duration: 90 Days

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