Controlling emotions and conflicts

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The Controlling Emotions and Conflict e-learning course explores the role of emotions in managing and dealing with conflict. The course consists of five e-learning modules that help participants to identify how different emotions work, the perceptions of each, managing reactions as well as expressing and controlling anger

Learning outcomes

  • Identify and manage their emotions
  • Gain an understanding of how emotions work
  • Identify and manage incoherent emotional reactions
  • Manage their anger positively
  • Develop their capacity for self control
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    Course information

    Who is this course for?

    This e-learning course is relevant to anyone that is experiencing or likely to encounter conflicting situations or difficult clients, team members and individuals

    Course Content

    This e-learning course offers five modules covering the following topics:

    • Impact of emotions in the workplace
    • Developing your emotional conscience
    • Understanding emotional dysfunction
    • Understanding and expressing your anger positively
    • Controlling your emotions

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    Additional information

    Enrollment duration: 90 Days

    Languages: English French Portuguese Spanish

    Category: Personal Development

    Price: 75.00 GBP

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    Course Type: E-Learning