Introduction to Valuation

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Welcome to the world of valuation! The ability to effectively and accurately value is high in demand. There are many factors involved when determining a valuation.

Learning outcomes

  • Explain what a valuation is
  • Explain what market value is
  • Identify when market value should be used for a valuation
  • Explain the steps in valuing
  • Apply the comparison method of valuation
  • Identify and describe the other four methods of valuation
  • Understand when and why each method may be used by a valuer
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    Course Benefits

    This e-learning course is designed to provide you with the practical and theoretical aspects associated with valuation. In particular, we look at the basic aspects of valuation and the five main methods used by professional valuers in arriving at their valuations.

    Who is this course for?

    This e-learning course is ideal for Valuation Surveyors, Estate Managers, Asset Managers, Property and Portfolio Managers, and Commercial Property Managers. This also suits anyone who is looking to enhance their CPD or individual development on different valuation methods used within the industry.

    Course Content

    This e-learning course covers the following topics:

    • Understanding Market Values
    • The Steps to Valuing and the Comparison Method
    • The Other Four Methods of Valuation
    • It also contains a test which will review your understanding of the valuation methods and practices explained within the course

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