Renovalue: Integrating Sustainability into Valuation Practice

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A free training course on how to identify and apply energy efficiency and renewable energy factors into a valuation

Learning outcomes

  • Recognise the impact of sustainability on the wider real estate market and the valuation professionals’ critical role with regard to market transformation
  • Understand the importance of buildings in relation to climate change and energy targets and its relevance to managing risk for your clients
  • Integrate energy efficiency / sustainability considerations in valuations on the basis of current sustainability-related guidelines, guidance and requirements
  • Create higher quality valuation reports
  • Prevent errors and mispricing of assets
  • Articulate the business case in conversations with your clients
  • Save time and costs through improved knowledge of relevant information sources
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    The use of property valuation is an essential aspect of the property lifecycle and directly influences financial decision making that is why encouraging the consideration of energy efficiency and renewable energy needs to start here. Being able to demonstrate the business case to prospective buyers, sellers, lenders and investors is prerequisite to accelerating the market transition towards Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (NZEBs).

    Yet the ability to demonstrate this business case for sustainable buildings is exactly what is missing at present: many valuation professionals lack both the skills and the knowledge to consistently take energy efficiency and renewable energy issues into account when advising their clients. This course aims to fill this knowledge and skills gap by developing training material for practising valuation professionals on how to factor energy efficiency and renewable energy issues into valuation practices and how to advise their clients accordingly

    This development is part of our commitment package we made at COP21 in Paris where we promised to develop RenoValue, our sustainability valuation training programme, for a worldwide audience.

    To find out more about the RICS at COP21 click here

    Video subtitles are availble in English, German, Dutch, French, Polish, Italian, Greek and Swedish.

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    Enrollment duration: 120 Days

    This course is fully iPad accessible

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