Jurisdiction in adjudication and arbitration - an introduction

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Jurisdiction is a cornerstone of these two, popular means of dispute resolution. Failure to understand the sources, bounds and common stumbling blocks of jurisdiction can undermine any tribunal decision or award. This video will provide you with an overview of these key areas and the relevant UK legislation.

Learning outcomes

  • Identify key UK legislation outlining jurisdiction in disputes under adjudication and arbitration
  • Understand factors and context surrounding the jurisdiction of persons appointed as either adjudicator or arbitrator
  • Recognise the bounds of jurisdiction
  • Explain the potential challenges and issues to jurisdiction at each stage of the dispute resolution process
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    Course information

    This one-hour video course will guide you through the complex area of the jurisdiction of a person(s) appointed as adjudicator or arbitrator in a construction dispute. In either of these roles, it is vital to be aware of the relevant legislative documents, and the most frequent jurisdictional issues that arise. So, if you are looking to be involved in tribunals as either of these roles, or wish to better understand this common issue raised in both types of alternative dispute resolution, this course is for you.

    We will look into the context of non-court dispute resolution and the enforceability of decisions with respect to the court. We will also outline the sources and bounds of jurisdiction, and finally address common issues and jurisdictional failure. This will help prevent decisions or awards which you are involved in making, from being undermined by jurisdictional failures.

    Our presenter is Mark Entwistle FRICS, whose national and international roles as a chartered quantity surveyor, lawyer, arbitrator, adjudicator, dispute board member and mediator in a career spanning over 30 years, provides him with a unique depth of knowledge and experience to bring to the subject of conflicts and disputes.

    Please note: This content is appropriate for those wishing to know more about jurisdictional issues in adjudication and arbitration in the UK only. It does not cover jurisdictional issues outside of the UK, or those of individuals/firms in dispute internationally.

    Who is this course for?

    This course is suitable for any professional that is looking to increase their knowledge or gain a better understanding of jurisdictional issues in the adjudication and arbitration process.

    Course content

    This video learning course covers the following topics:

    • Outline of the legislation and recommended further reading
    • Making enforceable decisions
    • Nature and sources of jurisdiction
    • Bounds of jurisdiction
    • Common issues at commencement, during the dispute resolution process, and at the end

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    Enrollment duration: 60

    Languages: English

    This course is fully iPad accessible

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