RICS Presents... Introduction to Flood Resilience

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This short interactive video course provides you with a short practical overview of the different aspects of flood resilience within communities and how construction professionals can have a positive impact.

Learning outcomes

  • Recognise the impacts of flooding on communities
  • Identify measures that can be adopted to reduce or prevent risks
  • Understand the importance of capacity in small businesses and communities
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    Course information

    Filmed at a recent RICS Presents event, this short video course features our expert, Professor Bingunath Ingirige MRICS from the University of Huddersfield, speaking on the topic of resilience within communities and small businesses, the role of property professionals can play in preparing them for natural hazards such as floods and the importance of 'building back better'.

    During the video you will also get the opportunity to test your knowledge through interactive activities to reinforce the learning outcomes.


    Professor Bingunath Ingirige MRICS


    Professor Bingunath Ingirige MRICS

    Professor - University of Huddersfield


    Additional information

    Enrollment duration: 60

    Languages: English

    This course is fully iPad accessible

    Category: Property

    Price: 15.00 GBP

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    Course Type: Watch and Learn