RICS Presents... Offsite construction and Housing

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Offsite construction delivers speed, robustness and safety for many industries, but should it be used for housing?

This short interactive video course looks into the growth of offsite construction and why it could prove to be a solution to the housing crisis.

Learning outcomes

  • Explore innovations in offsite construction and drivers for its adoption
  • Distinguish between the different forms and the benefits in terms of delivering robustness and sustainable outcomes
  • Evaluate the opportunities and risks of using offsite methods for housing
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    Course information

    Filmed at a recent RICS Presents event, this short video course features Professor Nick Whitehouse MBE from the Buildoffsite group, speaking on the expansion of offsite construction in the commercial and infrastructure sectors, and the role it may play in closing the housing gap if adopted widely by the industry.

    During the video you will have the opportunity to engage with interactive activities designed to challenge your knowledge.


    Professor Nicholas Whitehouse


    Professor Nicholas Whitehouse MBE

    Founding Member of the Buildoffsite Executive Board


    Additional information

    Enrollment duration: 60

    Languages: English

    This course is fully iPad accessible

    Category: Construction

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    Course Type: Watch and Learn