Sustainable Products and the Circular Economy

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In this video course, three sustainability professionals share their expertise and experience on selecting and using sustainable products, and look at the potential for a circular built environment.

Learning outcomes

  • Explain the Circular Economy in the context of the built environment and establish what role circular products can play in the industry
  • Recognise and learn to communicate to clients how sustainability goes beyond positive environmental impacts, but also lead to increased wellbeing among occupiers
  • Identify potential causes for performance gaps in sustainable products, and how to mitigate them
  • Describe to stakeholders potential future trends in sustainable technology
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    Sustainable products can create financial and societal benefits for construction companies, building owners, and occupiers, as well as being crucial to supporting the environment in which we live. Knowing how to source, select and implement these products can be challenging. During this course discover why the built environment needs to change its practices, what is meant by the circular economy, the practical challenges you may face when choosing sustainable materials and ensuring they operate as efficiently as intended.

    Watch and learn from leading sustainability professionals as they share their expertise and experience, discussing case studies that demonstrate how sustainable products contribute to reducing the environmental impact of the built environment, while delivering well-being and wider societal benefit.

    Additional reading materials are available alongside the videos to further support and develop your skills and knowledge in this area and application to your projects.



    David Cheshire


    David Cheshire

    Regional Director, Sustainability - AECOM


    Elina Grigoriou


    Elina Grigoriou

    Design and Sustainability Director - Grigoriou Interiors


    Carrie Behar


    Carrie Behar

    Senior Sustainability Consultant - Useful Simple Projects


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    Enrollment duration: 60

    Languages: English

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