Dilapidations - Repair and Disrepair

40.00 GBP

1.5 Hours Formal CPD

This course will look at the practicalities and the law surrounding repair and disrepair.  What is repair?  What is disrepair?  How is disrepair remedied?  How do repairing clauses vary?  Schedules of Condition and Fair Wear and Tear exceptions will be discussed.  The measure of loss for a breach of a repairing obligation will be discussed (from a building surveyor’s perspective).

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Who Should Attend?

All who are involved with composing or defending dilapidations claims.  Building surveyors, valuers, property managers, services engineers, landlords and tenants

Web Class Pre-requisites

An understanding of the basics of a dilapidations claim.Reasonable experience of typical lease clauses.

Pre-Class Reading Material/Post Reading Material

Review of a typical lease.


Presentation by the trainer with the opportunity for questions throughout.


-The Dowding and Reynolds 5 stage analysis:
1. Is the item demised
2. Is there damage or deterioration
3.  Does the item fall below the standard of repair
4. What works are required
5. Does the work go beyond repair

-Work which looks like repair but isn’t – specific contractual obligations
-The statutory measure of loss – s18(1) of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1927
-The Landlord’s Loss


Learning outcomes

  • Consider the analysis of disrepair in a methodical manner.
  • Understand the effects of the parties’ contractual obligations
  • Advise clients with more accuracy or more confidence on the question of repairing obligations.
  • Presenter


    Jon Rowling

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