Facilities Management - Performance Management, Methods in Practice

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1.5 Hours Formal CPD

Expand your knowledge of performance measures, Key Performance Inidcators (KPI) and Service Level Agreements (SLA), discover methods of measuring these to demonstrate the value of Facilities Management, explained through interactive case studies with an industry expert

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Course information

How do you measure and manage performance within Facilities Management? What are the key drivers and how do these relate operational objectives to effective service delivery?

Managing performance underpins Facilities Management as a function and is used to help ensure service is delivered cost-effectively and that services are of a suitable quality for the business requirements

In order to demonstrate success and the benefits of FM, we need be able to manage our performance effectively, improving on successes and learning from instances where we haven’t achieved so well.

This class will look how to identify what constitutes a model KPI in Facilities Management and different ways of measuring success, also how these related to SLAs and allowing you to clearly demonstrate the value of FM in terms of business productivity.

Demonstrating our productivity and value as a function will lead to more trust and engagement from stakeholders and better results and success for our organisations.

Course Content

  • KPIs – what can be measured? Quantitative vs qualitative measures
  • Methods of measuring these KPIs – compliance and sustainable measures
  • Analysing the data/information gained from measuring and methods to improve your results
  • Practice analysis / Case study
  • How to demonstrate the value of FM through the results
  • Q&A session


Using a PowerPoint presentation as a base, this web class will combine a discussion/chat feature, polls and quizzes with an engaging presentation and a real life case study. We’ll close with an open question and answer session giving you the chance to pose direct questions to an expert trainer.

Why attend this course?

KPIs in FM can be difficult to create and measure, which can lead to a lack of understanding or awareness of our value as a function.  Through attending this web class you will gain an insight into measuring and positively reporting the results to prove your significance to your business, all from the perspective of an experience industry expert and through practical advice and application.

Who should attend?

Middle managers - Facilities Managers, Assistant Facilities Managers, Supervisors, and all facilities management professionals who want to develop their ability demonstrate value and advance their skills in managing and developing performance.


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Learning outcomes

  • Identify what to look at as indicators and drivers of performance in FM
  • Highlight some essential KPIs
  • Recognise different methods of measurement for those KPIs
  • Carry out analysis of KPIs including relating these to SLA’s
  • Demonstrate the value of FM through sharing and improving upon the results of your measurement
  • Presenter


    Bob Parkin

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