Understanding the APC - two-part series

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4.5 Hours Formal CPD

In order to successfully progress through your APC you need a clear understanding of the stages and what is required of you. This highly interactive course will provide you with a clear structure with lots of opportunity to interact with the trainer and other candidates.

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Course information

Achieving RICS status is a prestigious and internationally recognised professional qualification that has a number of commercial benefits. As such, gaining RICS membership takes a lot of dedication and hard work. 

To increase your chances of becoming a chartered surveyor and access to all its benefits, this web class will cover the whole of the Assessment of Professional Competence (APC) process and is designed to demonstrate to candidates, what happens during the process and what is needed to achieve membership. 

You will be required to do some pre-reading and set tasks in between the sessions to generate discussion and help to gain a thorough understanding of the process. In order to give you confidence in the knowledge you gained during the course you will be tested by quizzes, polls and chat activities with plenty of opportunity to interact with the trainer and other candidates.

Please note that in order to fully benefit from this course you are strongly advised to attend the live session and complete a short coursework after the first session. 

Session Schedule

Part 1 - 23rd May 2019: Time: 15:00 - 16:30 (UK Time)

Part 2 - 30th May 2019: Time: 15:00 - 16:30 (UK Time)

Web Class Part 1

  • APC aims and objectives
  • Choosing route and pathway
  • Competency selection
  • APC roles and responsibilities
  • Structured Training 
  • APC process step by step
  • Support & resources 

Pre-course course activity: 

Delegates will be required to watch: 

  • Watch interactive demonstration


Delegates must be familiar with the following: 

  • The APC Candidate Guide
  • Pathway guide
  • ARC video tutorials
  • Self-assessment form
  • Structured training log book

Delegates will be required to write a short diary entry for the second session.
This will be shared and discussed in the beginning of the session with the trainer and the other delegates via a chat activity.

Web Class Part 2

  • Final assessment – overview
  • Case study – overview
  • Summary of experience – overview
  • Conduct rules and ethics – overview

Course Format 

  • Pre-reading– get yourself up to speed on knowledge needed so you can focus on developing skills in the classroom
  • Part 1 – presentation material and regular interactive elements will show you key skills needed and how to apply them. Close with an open Q&A with your trainer to check any outstanding queries you may have. 
  • Set activities – work on activities set by the trainer in between parts 1 and 2, helping you to apply skills learnt in your day to day role as a supervisor or counsellor
  • Part 2 – return to discuss with your peers and trainer, experiences and challenges. Continue developing skills through presentations and interactive elements, ending with an open Q&A for any outstanding questions

Who should attend?

  • Candidates who are in the first 12 months of their APC
  • Candidates who require a refresher on the APC proces

Key benefits

  • Provides you with comprehensive information about the APC process
  • Takes you through all stages of the APC and what you are required to do at each stage
  • Practical and interactive sessions with the opportunity to ask questions from a APC assessor and trainer
  • Two part series which will allow you to apply your knowledge in your day-to-day role in between sessions

Please note that in order to fully benefit from this course you are strongly advised to attend the live session and complete the pre-reading and a short activity after the first session.

Learning outcomes

  • Articulate the different stages of the APC process and what you need to do
  • Identify the role of the counsellor and supervisor and how they work with and support the candidate
  • Demonstrate comprehension of the principles of the case study, the summary of experience and the requirements of the final assessment
  • Presenter


    Kate Taylor

    FRICS Assoc CIPD

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