Residential Property Defects - Japanese Knotweed

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1.5 Hours Formal CPD

A picture based session to ensure you will be able to identify Japanese Knotweed from spring to autumn.

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Course information

Web Class Summary

Japanese Knotweed is an increasing problem and often a significant obstacle to mortgage lending. There is now a recognised process from the RICS which you can use to help your clients deal with the problem, whether buying or selling, or dealing with infestations on adjacent land.

Using clear and multiple images, this course will allow you to recognise Japanese Knotweed through all seasons, take you through how to conduct an objective risk assessment; provide guidance on appropriate methods of remediation; and steps on how to advise clients on the restoration of an affected property to a mortgageable status.

Who Should Attend

Surveyors and Valuers undertaking residential valuations:

  • mortgage purposes
  • pre-purchase surveys and valuations
  • pre-sale condition reports

Anyone advising home-owners on external building works.

Anyone involved in residential development, especially on brownfield sites.

Web Class Pre-requisites

It is beneficial if you have some experience in conducting residential mortgage valuations and/or pre-purchase surveys but not necessary.

Pre-Class Reading Material/Post Reading Material

It is recommended that you the read RICS Information Paper Japanese Knotweed and Residential Property, available as a free download for all RICS members and can be purchased by non-members:


A 90 minute interactive live online class, using a number of photos and other illustrations to assist in the identification of Japanese Knotweed. Also included will be contrast images of ‘confusion species’ which may cause mis-identification. Case studies and examples will demonstrate how to apply the RICS risk analysis protocol and time for Q&A. 

Learning outcomes

  • Recognise the key identifiers of Japanese Knotweed during the different seasons of the year.
  • Understand why Japanese Knotweed has become such an issue for mortgage lenders.
  • Have a realistic appreciation of the risk Japanese Knotweed poses to residential properties.
  • Be capable of undertaking an objective risk assessment of a Japanese Knotweed infestation in accordance with the RICS protocol agreed with the Council of Mortgage Lenders and the Building Societies Association.
  • Understand the differences between different types of remediation measures and their relative suitability in a domestic residential context.
  • Represent the interests of a client in discussions with a lender in explaining how the RICS protocol can be used to make a property affected by Japanese Knotweed suitable for mortgage purposes.
  • Presenter


    Philip Santo

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