Right to Light – Introductory Guide

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Find out more about the recent RICS guidance on Right of Light, learning about the legal issues involved and gaining knowledge of best practice for surveyors – all from an expert in this field.

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Right of Light Act 1959 – Light Obstruction Notices

The right of light is a legal easement that protects established light that is enjoyed through  formed window apertures that typically have been in existence for a minimum of twenty years.  Once achieved the consequence on surrounding development potential can be significant.

This introduction webinar will explain how a right of light can be created or acquired with the focus of the webinar being on the role a surveyor can play in the prevention of the acquisition of a right.  The focus will be function that a surveyor can play in the service of Light Obstruction Notice under the Rights of Light Act 1959 plus the methods available to a land owner on stopping a right of light being acquired.

Course Content

  • What is an easement?
  • How do you acquire a right of light
  • How can a neighbour prevent this right from being acquired
  • Background to the Rights of Light Act 1959
  • Service of a Light Obstruction Notice
  • How to defend a client against a Light Obstruction Notice


This class will be fully interactive, accompanied by some presentation slides to aid visually. It will include quiz questions, open discussions, and a practical application activity. 

Why attend this course?

This course will benefit Property Managers, Developers and Building Surveyors in that they can update and improve their knowledge and awareness of this essential piece of regulation, ensuring compliance.

Who should attend?

This is an introductory webinar that will be suitable for all level of practitioner from APC upwards seeking knowledge or update in this area.  Should you wish to further your knowledge, please see related courses.


Learning outcomes

  • Recognise the core principles behind Rights of Light Act 1959
  • Demonstrate best practice in this area as a surveyor
  • Discuss the timeframes and key dates when serving a Light Obstruction Notice
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