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  • The aim of this web class is to identify the various factors that can affect a tenant’s rights and obligations to reinstate alterations made in leased premises.

    Presented by Jon Rowling

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  • Accurate selection and analysis of comparable evidence is at the heart of residential valuations yet until 2012 there was no formal guidance for this essential function. This web class will review the RICS Information Paper on Comparable Evidence in Property Valuation and compare it with recent High Court judgements.

    Presented by Philip Santo

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  • FIDIC is a widely used contract in Asia, Africa and Europe. The session will help you decide which type of FIDIC Contract is best suited for your project.

    Presented by Vincent Leloup

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  • Property management isn’t just about collecting rent and service charges... It would be much simpler if it was! Ensure that you are able to fully demonstrate your skills and knowledge in this wide ranging competency at all stages of the assessment process.

    Presented by Michelle Bernhardt

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  • Residential Valuers who work for a host of different lenders constantly have to update themselves with lender requirements which often differ and sometimes appear to conflict with each other, or what the valuer thinks they should be doing. This course is designed for practicing residential valuers who regularly undertake valuations for lending purposes and...

    Presented by Ian Brindle

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