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  • The aim of this web class is to identify the various factors that can affect a tenant’s rights and obligations to reinstate alterations made in leased premises.

    Presented by Jon Rowling

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  • This course will look at the practicalities and the law surrounding repair and disrepair.  What is repair?  What is disrepair?  How is disrepair remedied?  How do repairing clauses vary?  Schedules of Condition and Fair Wear and Tear exceptions will be discussed.  The measure of loss for a breach of a repairing obligation will...

    Presented by Martin Burgess

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  • Learn to structure and evidence Design and Specification  competency at level 2 and 3

    Presented by Danny Medcalf

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  • FIDIC is a widely used contract in Asia, Africa and Europe. The session will help you decide which type of FIDIC Contract is best suited for your project.

    Presented by Vincent Leloup

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  • Leasing / Letting is a popular competency choice for candidates following the property pathways and presents a challenge to many. Over a third of commercial property pathway candidates were referred on this competency.

    Presented by John Baker

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