Final Assessment

In our Final Assessment area, you can access a range of training tools and content that will support your skills development in preparing for the interview and presentation. Work through each of the content blocks below to find out what's available and what will suit your development needs.


Start by working through free and upgraded modules to develop your skills needed for the Final Assessment. Find out where you may need to develop and what support RICS Training can offer on this page. Modules include;

  • Unpacking Interview Questions
  • Forming Interview Reponses
  • Good or Bad Response?
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Discover your strengths and weaknesses through a mock interview. Practice delivering your presentation and answering interview questions on your competencies, ethics and professional practice. This is your chance to experience what the interview process is like and receive feedback from an experienced APC assessor, so you can identify where you may need to develop.

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APC - Final Assessment Presentation and Interview Masterclass

Walk through the assessment criteria applied during interviews, to gain a clear understanding of how you can best prepare. Look at sample questions, test your response techniques and use case study material to critique good and bad responses. Learn from a current and highly experienced assessor who will talk you through best practice for preparing and delivering your presentation and for answering interview questions.

Face to Face training on Final Assessment

If you prefer a face to face training style, look at our courses available for developing Final Assessment needed to pass the Final Assessment.

Make sure you’ve reviewed the Final Assessment guide to keep yourself up to date on what you need to know and do.
The guide includes essential information on submission dates, what happens before, during and after your assessment and advice on additional considerations such as plagiarism.

APC final assessment guide
Final Assessment Stream
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