Web and online communication

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Being able to communicate your message online is essential in the modern business world. Learn how to share information online and to write successful web based information.

Learning outcomes

  • Use blogs and wikis to effectively share information and knowledge
  • Master the key principles of the internet in order to manage a website creation project
  • Write in a way that considers the specific features of the internet
  • Design and implement an effective newsletter
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    Course information

    For quite a long time, email was the best and only way to communicate with people and your customers online. Today, the internet and new technologies allow you to use collaborative spaces like blogs, wikis, websites and online newsletters. Over the modules of this e-learning, we will take a look at some different ways of communicating online and how they work.

    Who is this course for?

    All professionals wishing to learn and improve their knowledge and skills about online communication.  It will also benefit those who have particular interest on marketing and communication.  You should have good knowledge and experience of using the internet before taking this course.

    Course Content

    There are four modules in this interactive e-learning

    • Sharing information with blogs and wikis
    • Creating your website
    • Writing for the web  
    • Writing a successful newsletter

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    Additional information

    Enrollment duration: 90 Days

    Languages: English French Spanish

    Category: Business Management - Fundamentals

    Price: 60.00 GBP

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